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Paid Social Management

  • 69% Increase in Estimated Ad Recall QoQ for Users on Facebook
  • 55% Increase in Click-Through-Rate QoQ 11% YoY Decrease in CPM
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Paid Social Management

  • 125% Increase in PoP Branded Search Revenue
  • 180% Increase in PoP Non-Branded Search Revenue
  • 41% Increase in PoP SEM Conversion Rate
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Paid Social Management

We offer specialized paid social management, delivering a comprehensive cross-channel strategy that enhances brand awareness, lead generation, and sales across social media platforms such as Meta, Linked, and Twitter (X).

How We’ll Launch and Optimize Your Campaigns

We take care of everything from campaign setup, ad copy, creative launch, to budget management and optimizations on Meta, LinkedIn, and X. Our continuous monitoring of campaign performance allows us to report results and make necessary adjustments, ensuring you achieve the best return on your ad spend.


Paid Social Account Audit

We conduct an in-depth audit of your social media framework, ensuring your presence on platforms like Meta, LinkedIn, and Twitter (X) is fully optimized for maximum impact.

How We’ll Enhance Your Paid Social Strategy

By analyzing data across key platforms, including both paid and organic reach and community management, we benchmark against industry standards and best practices. We then provide tailored recommendations for improvement, aligned with your KPIs and specific social media marketing requirements.

Meta Ads

Meta platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, offer diverse services to establish a strong online presence, engage target audiences, and fulfill marketing objectives.

How We’ll Tailor Your Meta Strategy

We develop a comprehensive Meta strategy, customized to meet your specific goals and target audience. This includes audience building, data-driven reporting, and creating content that engages and resonates.

LinkedIn Ads

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn presents a prime opportunity to reach a targeted and influential audience. We specialize in paid LinkedIn advertising, elevating your business to new heights.

How We’ll Drive Results on LinkedIn

Working collaboratively, we focus on achieving tangible results for your business on LinkedIn. Our services include targeted advertising, comprehensive campaign management, scalable budgets, and data-driven outcomes, essential for B2B businesses in the digital age.

Twitter (X) Ads

We provide a full suite of services for Twitter (X) advertising, tailored to maximize your presence on this unique platform and achieve your marketing goals.

How We’ll Boost Your Presence on Twitter (X)

Our holistic approach to Twitter advertising leverages the platform’s unique features to drive engagement, increase brand visibility, and deliver measurable results.

Data is crucial in digital marketing. Accurately measuring ROI from your paid social efforts informs strategic decisions that yield results. This is why we emphasize real-time reporting and data analysis to continually refine our campaigns.

How We’ll Provide Insightful Reporting

Working with your team, we set clear goals and KPIs, ensuring our data collection aligns with your objectives. We set up custom reports that analyze data in real-time, enabling us to adjust your paid strategy for optimal returns.

Paid Social Management for Small Business

Our paid social management services for small businesses are designed to fit your resources, helping grow your social media presence, acquire new customers, and generate sales within your budget.

How We’ll Develop and Refine Your Small Business Strategy

We create and optimize your paid social accounts based on your specific KPIs and social media needs. This includes writing copy, sourcing content, and managing your campaign budgets. Our monthly reporting tracks performance, identifying opportunities for enhancement to maximize your paid social investment returns.

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