Analytics Consulting

Boost your team’s performance with our analytics expertise. We specialize in troubleshooting, answering analytics queries, creating custom reports, and providing training. We are prepared to address your specific needs and handle ad-hoc requests, ensuring all your analytics objectives are met. Supplement your team with analytics experts who are there to answer your every question as well as carry out ad-hoc tasks.

How We’ll Integrate Seamlessly with Your Team

Our involvement with your team and projects is flexible and adaptive. Whether you need us as a full-fledged extension of your team or for occasional ad-hoc requests, our consulting service ensures you have analytics expertise at your disposal, just like an in-house resource.We can be as involved as needed with your team and your projects. From being an extension of your team to just picking up ad-hoc tasks every now and then. Retaining Portent as consultants for analytics ensures you have access to our experts as if they were part of your team.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Audit

With the overhaul of Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), it’s crucial to ensure your setup is accurate and comprehensive. GA4 is the primary, free resource for businesses to track performance metrics. We can ensure your GA4 setup is accurate and effective.

How We’ll Provide You With a Peace of Mind About Your GA4 Setup

Our proprietary crawler, Raingage, audits your domains for tracking gaps to ensure accurate GA4 measurement. We optimize your GA4 settings, integrate with Google tools, and set up customized event tracking. You can trust that your marketing decisions are based on reliable, comprehensive data.

Universal Analytics (UA/GA3) Data Preservation

With Universal Analytics no longer collecting data post-July 2023, it’s crucial to preserve your historical data. We can export or integrate your UA data into a permanent database for ongoing access and analysis.

How We’ll Safeguard Your Historical Data and Guide Future Strategies

We store essential data tables from Universal Analytics in a permanent BigQuery database, ensuring your traffic and conversion benchmarks are secure and accessible for future analysis and accurate forecasting.


Google Tag Manager (GTM) Implementation

Google Tag Manager simplifies the process of adding and managing tags on your website, allowing for efficient data collection without compromising site speed.

How We’ll Streamline Your Tag Management

We implement Google Tag Manager to manage all analytics and retargeting scripts efficiently. We configure tags to track key metrics aligned with your business goals, providing control over your data collection.

Reporting Dashboards

We work with Looker Studio dashboards and other platforms of your choice to centralize and visualize your key metrics, allowing for quick assessment and reporting of your business’s KPIs and campaign performance.

How We’ll Visualize Your Data for Clear Insights

We create custom dashboards that align with your business goals and KPIs. Our dashboards feature live connections to your data sources, offering real-time performance insights and actionable intelligence.


CRM Integration

Integrating your GA4 data with your CRM platform, like Salesforce, provides a comprehensive view of your customer journey, from initial web interaction to final sale.

How We’ll Bridge Your Web Analytics and Sales Data

We track website visitors using Google Tag Manager and integrate this data with your CRM platform. This unified approach provides complete visibility into your customer journey and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Analytics Training

Empower your team with analytics training tailored to your specific needs. From basic dashboard utilization to advanced data analysis, our trainings ensure you maximize the value of your analytics tools.

How We’ll Equip Your Team with Analytics Expertise

We offer personalized analytics training sessions, designed in collaboration with you to meet your specific needs. Our trainings range from GA4 dashboard basics to advanced data analysis techniques. Working closely with your team, we aim to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to independently manage and effectively interpret your analytics data. This collaborative approach ensures that the training is relevant, practical, and tailored to empower your team with actionable insights.

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