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Editorial Strategy

  • 110% Increase in Revenue
  • 59% Increase in New Users
  • 32% Increase in Organic Sessions
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Content Promotion

  • 293% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 39% Increase in Domain Authority
  • 984 Earned Backlinks
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Content Strategy Consulting

A cohesive content strategy produces relevant content for users at every sales funnel stage. Whether you want to see an improvement in rankings, user engagement, or conversions, our content strategy framework looks for ongoing opportunities to help you reach your business goals.

How We’ll Use Content Strategy to Get Results

Your target audience and their customer journeys are the basis of our strategy. We’ll work with you to understand your content vision and harness your subject matter expertise. From there, we’ll analyze the performance of existing content, perform competitive analyses, and utilize keyword research and SEO insights to craft a strategic content plan. We can also train your teams on how to create their own content strategy so they can produce results on a regular basis.


Content Audit

A content audit examines your content’s  qualitative and quantitative performance  to learn what is and is not working. We take a granular look at your site’s content to find improvement opportunities based on your customers, business goals, best practices, and Google’s EEAT guidelines. We commonly begin our audits by reviewing blog articles, landing pages, or product and service pages.

How We’ll Assess Your Existing Content & Its Potential

We’ll inventory your existing content and evaluate the writing effectiveness, content depth, layout, on-page SEO elements, and analytics. Through our audit, we provide recommendations that focus on creating new content, improving the existing content, and revamping parts of the user experience. Finally, we’ll determine what strategies you should implement next to ensure your content continues to improve.

Editorial Strategy & Content Development Plan

Our editorial process enables us to support your content goals, track content development, and measure performance. Our goal is to create the best possible content for your site while empowering your team with the skills needed to continue producing high-quality content.

How We’ll Own or Guide Content Creation

We can own content creation from start to finish or plug gaps in internal resources as needed. We’ll provide topic ideation, copy briefs, an editorial calendar, copy editing, and copywriting (if needed). But it doesn’t stop there—we’ll provide ongoing editorial support through content reporting and content iteration as needed to ensure your pages maintain a competitive advantage.

Content Optimization

We enhance your content by improving its quality, relevance, user experience, and accessibility for your target audience. Content optimization has the potential to boost your organic search rankings, increase user engagement on your pages, and consequently drive more conversions.

How We’ll Enhance Content & Its Performance

Content optimization starts by reviewing your content goals and understanding your target audience, including their pain points and their questions. Next, we analyze your current content and competitor content. From there, we incorporate content updates in line with SEO, content, and UX best practices to ensure your content delivers value to your audience.

Content Promotion

Great content is the backbone of any strong content strategy, and promoting it will help you gain notoriety for your brand. We’ll help promote your content by crafting newsworthy articles that generate new visitors.

How We’ll Promote Your Content to Publicize Your Brand

We’ll lead the way in producing, pitching, and promoting engaging, shareworthy content that lives on your website. We know how to effectively get your content to relevant bloggers, journalists, and news outlets across the country.


Content Strategy for Migrations & Redesigns

When you understand your users’ goals and behaviors, you can uncover opportunities to increase user engagement and retention. Whether you are planning for a site redesign or migration, we help your team ensure the best possible user experience (UX) by implementing web design, SEO, content organization, and information architecture (IA) best practices.

How We’ll Optimize Site Structure & Content Organization

We’ll perform a UX and competitor analysis to gather user behavior insights to identify gaps and opportunities. Afterward, we’ll support your redesign and development projects by enhancing your information architecture (IA) and crafting wireframes and sitemaps that inform every design decision throughout the project.

Paid Media Landing Page Strategy

Building landing pages for paid campaigns takes careful planning and a deep understanding of conversion rate best practices.

How We’ll Maximize Paid Landing Page Success

We build dedicated PPC and digital PR landing pages tailored to your advertising goals. From strategy to wireframing, we’ll be your partners every step of the way, teaching your team best practices and sharing valuable insights that increase conversions.


Content Reporting

Through content reporting, we can see what content works well and what opportunities exist for improvements. This ongoing monitoring ensures that we can continuously adapt our approach to align with your content goals.

How We’ll Make Data-Informed Content Decisions

Using data from your analytics platform, Google Search Console, heatmap tracking platform, and keyword tracking platform, we gain a deep understanding of user behavior, engagement, and conversion patterns. We’ll make data-informed decisions about how to adjust or maintain our content development and optimization efforts to continually improve your website’s performance.

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