How We Can Help

From top to bottom, we’ll take care of everything needed for a successful PPC account. You’ll receive a personalized report detailing the past month’s performance. We create dashboards, but we also analyze the data, looking for gaps Our small business marketing experts know how to deliver immediate results with strategies and tactics that can drive revenue today. When you’re on a budget, looking to grow, and don’t have the time or expertise to run an effective digital marketing strategy, Portent has you covered.

Our PPC service packages are designed specifically for small and medium businesses, and we offer one-time engagements or ongoing service tailored to your unique budget. We’re flexible, affordable, and our work is seamlessly executed by our PPC certified strategists. Finally, small business PPC management from a reliable agency.

Click on the services below for more information and pricing:

Monthly PPC Management: A dedicated strategist will manage your PPC campaigns with no contract, month-to-month service from expert practitioners.

PPC Account Setup: Start your PPC marketing off on the right foot with a professional account build complete with campaigns, keywords, and ads ready for activation.

PPC Account Audit: Not getting enough out of your PPC spend? Improve performance immediately by finding exactly what’s working and what’s not with an audit from a PPC expert.

Proper SEO work is a long-game that requires consistent technical and content-related efforts. Whether we work with you on a one-time project or a monthly basis, our team is ready to help improve your search rankings and bottom line. Get clear SEO guidance from our optimization pros, at a price that fits your budget.

Click on the services below for more information and pricing:

Monthly SEO Optimization: Get the ongoing help you need to climb the rankings with no-contract, month-to-month service from our experts.

SEO Diagnostic Report: Get 10 custom, easy-to-execute recommendations aimed to improve your organic rankings and traffic.

Local SEO Optimization: Get in front of the right audience, at the right time, on the right device with help from a local search expert.

How We Approach Our Work

Our SMB team understands the time and money constraints facing small businesses. Our packages are designed specifically for businesses just like yours—helping you get the expertise you deserve at a price that fits your budget.

It’s important to understand where your audience is in their journey to conversion. We build a strategy that keeps the entire funnel in mind, while focusing on the tactics that make the most sense for your particular needs.


Whether it’s brand awareness, product awareness, or solution awareness, we help you identify where your needs are in your space and get you the right visibility.

Funnel stage: awareness

We are here to help beyond just visibility. We develop strategies to drive high levels of interest in the products or solutions you have to offer, through prospective targeting and brand messaging.

Funnel stage: interest

As audience interest is piqued, intent to purchase grows. Our goal is to drive revenue for you effectively and efficiently, by highlighting your competitive advantages during this decision-making stage.

Funnel stage: desire

After a thoughtful nurturing process, your audience is ready to purchase. And when budgets are limited, this is where we shine. We maximize your visibility and capitalize on these users to ensure your ROI is realized.

Funnel stage: action

Here’s the Proof

Don’t take our word for it. We’ve been delivering business-changing growth for our clients since we started more than two decades ago. Awards are great, and we’ve got more than a few, but we measure success in the results we drive for our clients every day.

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