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Enercare is one of North America’s premier home and commercial energy solution providers, serving approximately 1.6M customers annually. To meet their goal of increased leads from their website, they had to significantly improve their topical authority and organic search visibility. Portent delivered technical and on-page SEO results that turned up the heat.


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2020 Canadian Search Award Finalist Badge
23% Increase in YoY Organic Traffic
24% Increase in Form Fill Conversion Rates
65% Increase in YoY Total Conversions

Enercare operates in a competitive marketplace, and its business is heavily dependent on weather and seasonality trends. With an aggressive goal of increasing marketing-qualified leads driven by their website and digital marketing efforts, Enercare needed to grow their organic presence, establish authority on industry-specific topics, and maximize user engagement, all within a framework that kept their peak business months in mind.


Our first priority was to generate more organic traffic to Enercare’s site. To ensure that all of their target pages were showing up in search results during peak business months, our team took a comprehensive approach to optimizing content, improving keyword rankings, and gaining share of voice. We developed a seasonal marketing campaign strategy that enlisted members from several of our service teams. Our cross-departmental collaboration included:

  • Technical SEO – Our SEO team identified relevant keywords and topics, and conducted on-page optimization of title tags, headings, and page content to improve SERP rankings.
  • Content Creation and Optimization – Using UX insights, our Content team suggested ways to improve product page layouts and provide additional pieces of content that customers are looking for. The team worked closely with our SEO strategists to create content hubs around Enercare’s top-performing products, to provide product education and facilitate keyword targeting and optimization.
  • Off-Page SEO – Once the on-site content was optimized, the Off-Page SEO team sought coverage with hundreds of online publications to land guest posts and off-site linking to Enercare’s improved target pages, to establish them as an authority on subjects relevant to their business. This helped confirm Enercare’s expertise in the marketplace and increased organic visibility by adding to their backlink profile.

Building on the success of these improvements, our team shifted our focus to traffic engagement and increasing conversions. Our efforts included:

  • User Research – We evaluated a typical customer’s journey and identified pain points along the way, in order to uncover opportunities to improve the user’s on-site experience and streamline the conversion process.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – Based on our research findings, we updated the copy on the main CTAs for the target product pages to better match the mental models for what users were hoping to achieve when clicking through to the lead generation form.

During our first 12 months of collaborating with Enercare, we saw organic traffic to their site increase by 23% YoY, as a result of content optimization, technical optimizations, and building relevant backlinks to targeted product pages. This was significant growth for an already established brand in a very specific, seasonal market.

YoY Cumulative Organic Traffic

Data visualization showing the YoY cumulative growth in organic traffic to the brand's website

The following year, after implementing our UX and CRO suggestions, we were able to improve conversion rates across all product and service pages by 24% YoY through our work. This correlated with a 41% YoY increase in organic conversions, and a 65% increase in total conversions (including paid and social) during the same timeframe.

Enercare’s goal was to hit an aggressive target of MQL form fills through their website. We reached that annual goal more than nine weeks early, and by the end of the year exceeded their goal by 39% for the year!

Our coordinated cross-team strategies for technical SEO, content optimization, and off-page SEO exceeded Enercare’s goals and established them as an authority in the energy solution marketplace.

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