The SEO Audit

Get a clear, executable SEO audit of your site.

Our SEO assessment is a one-time in-depth review of every aspect of your organic search presence. When it’s complete, you have a detailed report and a clear understanding of specific next steps.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Technical SEO Assessment

We crawl your website using our proprietary crawler, RainGage SEO. RainGage performs a detailed check of everything from the smallest coding details to onsite PageRank to site-wide duplication issues.

Example of RaninGage Output

At the same time, we crunch through your server log files. We map Google and other bots’ movement through your site, looking for potential crawl problems.

We also assess site performance, looking at response, load, and rendering time.

Step 2: Keyword And Topic Research

We look at keywords and topics. Everyone does.

We go a bit further: We also look at natural language, finding synonyms related terms and topics that can help you rank for your target phrases.

Rank Targets

And we find the questions your audience commonly asks because providing answers is the fastest way to search snippets and “position zero.”

Step 3: Search Rankings Review

Search engine results pages (SERPs) show searcher intent and can reveal snippet opportunities. We check SERPs for your primary keywords. We connect the SERPs, your keywords, and your audience, providing a deeper look at why people use those queries. That will drive your SEO strategy.

Step 4: Competitive Research

Chasing competitors isn’t a winning strategy, but finding keyword, topical, and link intersections between you and your rivals can help find opportunities. We use our crawler, Moz, ahrefs, SEMRush and a variety of other tools to see how you stack up against others in your industry.

Step 5: Link Profile Review

We check link profile toxicity. We also look at link reclamation:

  • High-authority pages that no longer exist, so you can replace or redirect them
  • Broken incoming links for redirection
  • “Soft” redirection that costs authority when used from older, high-authority pages

Those are the easiest link-building wins you can get.

Step 6: Analysis

We do the detective work:

  • Find root SEO problems
  • Research opportunity gaps
  • Develop fixes
  • Map the next steps

All of that becomes a set of specific SEO recommendations.

Step 7: SEO Recommendations And Report

We deliver our report. It’s not hand-wavy advice like “write better title tags.” We provide tactical next steps, such as:

  • Code edits
  • Metadata and structured data
  • Site performance
  • Potential crawl problems and how to fix them
  • Site architecture recommendations
  • Link recovery and remediation

We also provide strategic SEO guidance:

  • Keyword and topic opportunities
  • Onsite linking
  • Future content targets
  • Site replatforming and technical guidelines
  • Technical SEO best practices and pain points

We explain the what and the why. You’ll understand our reasoning and be prepared to make informed decisions about next steps.

Our report is a playbook for SEO growth.

Step 8: Review

We meet with you and your team, reviewing the report and answering questions. This meeting is more than a review. It is a mini-training, ensuring you can execute the recommendations we’ve provided.

Step 9: Ongoing Support And Consulting

We won’t abandon you. If desired, we can provide ongoing SEO consulting:

  • Ongoing support for your team
  • Implementation
  • Follow-up audits

Does It Work?

Of course it does. We wouldn’t have a headline like “Does it work?” if it didn’t.

A client came to us after a drop in organic search traffic. Organic search numbers stubbornly refused to improve. Portent:

  • Ran a RainGage crawl
  • Analyzed log files
  • Looked at competition and keywords

We quickly realized that duplicate content and site code were causing crawl issues… Which, in non-nerdspeak, means the client’s site was a mess, and it was sending Google on a wild goose chase.

We provided specific changes to site code and navigation, then walked the client’s development team through those changes. They implemented our recommendations in January 2018. Here’s the result:

SEO Audit Implemented In January 2018

SEO Audit Implemented In January 2018

150% growth in a single month. Site audits work.

See A Sample SEO Audit

This example is a heavily redacted SEO audit. It doesn’t cover everything. It does show you the level of detail we provide. Click here to download the sample SEO audit.

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