Sustained Revenue Growth with PPC Management

Tire Recappers wanted to grow their reach in search to increase revenue without losing their current return on ad spend. Portent went the distance by overhauling their campaign structure, implementing Google Shopping, and building out a new keyword strategy.




E-commerce: Automotive

125% Revenue Growth Compared to Previous Year
22% Decrease in Average Cost Per Transaction
133% Increase in Return on Ad Spend

Tire Recappers had three major goals:

  • Grow online revenue through their e-commerce site
  • Decrease their average cost per transaction
  • Maintain/improve their return on ad spend

The primary obstacle they faced was a lack of product awareness; while their products are a safe and cheaper alternative to purchasing new tires, many people were completely unfamiliar with it altogether. Because of this, search volume was low for low-funnel, high conversion rate searches. However, when it comes to building brand and product awareness, there are limited options to increase reach without sacrificing conversion rate.


To overcome those hurdles, our team first focused on optimizing current efforts to their fullest, with a primary goal of growing revenue. We restructured their campaigns and performed keyword research to expand existing strategies.

We then set up and built out new Google Shopping campaigns and targeting strategies to tap into a huge range of highly targeted impressions and traffic. Because product awareness is low, maximizing visibility to product-aware customers is key. We also implemented a strong conquesting campaign to expose Tire Recappers to as many qualified (product-aware) searchers as possible.


Over the course of the first year of management, the results were staggering. Reach expanded significantly and transactions followed. Tire Recappers experienced a year over year revenue improvement of 125%. With this, costs increased as well but at a much more efficient rate than seen before. Cost per transaction decreased by 22%, while the return on ad spend increased by 133%.

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